19. Birthday Treats and Pancakes

My first day in Tasmania happen to be Bella's Birthday so it was a day of celebration, one that Emily had been looking forward to for a long time. I was happy to be able to part of all of the celebrations it reminded me of being at home. We was woken up around 7am … Continue reading 19. Birthday Treats and Pancakes

18. Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Tasmania

Even though it was the next stage of the trip, I did not want to leave at all. I felt like I had found my new home, Melbourne gave me so much freedom and I loved every minute of it! A beautiful city, one I will have to go back too for sure!! Bags all … Continue reading 18. Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Tasmania

17. The Great Ocean Road

I was looking forward to this so much! Being a photographer I had seen the photos of the amazing landscape. I could not wait.   A day trip booked through STA Travel same as the Phillip Island day trip was our last one before we headed onto the next part of our adventure. Meeting in the … Continue reading 17. The Great Ocean Road

16. 88 floors in the sky!

Melbourne is known for its quirky cafes and coffee shops, so we thought it was about time that we visited them. With a list of famous ones in our hand we headed to the train station to see how many we could fit in, in one day. Let The Cafe Hopping Begin! Don't be fooled … Continue reading 16. 88 floors in the sky!

15. Queen Victoria Market

Who has a public holiday cause of a football game? Australia apparently... The Aussie Rules Football match falls on a Saturday so they make the Friday before hand a public holiday. Mad right, well that is what I thought anyway! Em and I wasn't overly fussed about the football but we were going to watch … Continue reading 15. Queen Victoria Market

14. Melbourne Museuem 

We finally made it!! After a week of me being on hospital, I was finally able to take Em to the Museum! And she was as excited as a little kid on Christmas! Turning up outside, the museum was a lot bigger than I expected. This huge glass structure lined one side of the park … Continue reading 14. Melbourne Museuem 

13. The Coin Laundry Cafe

Yes that really is its name... weird right! http://coinlaundrycafe.com.au/ A cute little cafe found in the one of the suburbs of Melbourne is definitely worth a visit! Just minutes from Armadale train station, this cafe is bursting with life... meaning it is hard to get a table during peak times! Although lucky for me, Emily's … Continue reading 13. The Coin Laundry Cafe