13. The Coin Laundry Cafe

Yes that really is its name… weird right!


A cute little cafe found in the one of the suburbs of Melbourne is definitely worth a visit! Just minutes from Armadale train station, this cafe is bursting with life… meaning it is hard to get a table during peak times! Although lucky for me, Emily’s cousin booked us a table.

There is some tasty foods on the menu which did also include Gluten free options for almost everything. Yes it does cost you a $1 or so more for Gluten free bread and 20.c for Soy Milk for your coffee, but I loved that there was an option instead of none at all and have to scout the menu for food… like Emily’s cousin thought she’d have to do! Lucky she choice this place to eat then ayy!

We meet both of her Australian cousins for lunch and by the time we had got from where we was staying to Melbourne CBD then to Armadale, I was SOOOO hungry. And I wasn’t sorry about it. I ordered the biggest thing on the menu (don’t worry I was paying) A Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich was in order for me 🙂 I did feel a little bit fat though… the other 3 had salads… OOPS! oh well I enjoyed it and I have no regrets what so ever! An orange and juice and a water went down a treat too whilst I got to know the family I was going to be staying with in Tasmania

If I had more time in Melbourne I would have re visited The Coin Laundry Cafe without a doubt! So if your in Melbourne take the train to Armadale Station and check out this cute cafe.

J x