14. Melbourne Museuem 

We finally made it!! After a week of me being on hospital, I was finally able to take Em to the Museum! And she was as excited as a little kid on Christmas!

Turning up outside, the museum was a lot bigger than I expected. This huge glass structure lined one side of the park – it looked very very modern compared to museums back home in London. It was also a lot busier than Em and I thought, there was lots of parents and children. But then there was a Jurassic World Exhibition on so I suppose it was expected.

We joined the back of this huge queue to get our tickets, which actually did go down quite quickly. Well when we made it to the front Em asked the guy if he did student discount, he said yes, asked us to show some ID, which we did and then we got in for free! Amazing! Best start to the day.

There was definitely lots to do here and we were ready to go exploring.

I felt like a kid on a school trip, going around all of the science bit in the museum, we pushed and pulled all of the buttons like all the kids were doing. Watching the world spin in different directions and how it could be seen from space. Touching the glass to get a close look at how the ice caps were melting due to global warming or watching videos about how volcanoes are made.

It really was amazing, surprisingly I actually learnt quite a lot from it.

The natural history section of the museum was quite interesting, I like seeing how big or little the animals are in the world. Instead of just seeing a photo. Yes a little creepy and probably not to everyone’s taste but this room was filled with “stuffed animals” (to put it so bluntly” it was cool though. Em and I tried to guess as many of the animals as possible, we did pretty well though!

Of course lunch was in order at some point and we thought we’d treat ourselves to something out of the museum, seeming as we did get in for free!! And yes a little over priced but that’s to be expect, every museum or art gallery can afford to up the prices cause people are too lazy to either bring food with them (like us) or go out of the museum for something cheaper. But anyhow, a sausage roll for Em and a Veggie pastie for me cause it looked really nice! Plus between us we got chips and sweet potato fries, as well as a drink each.  And honestly, I’d recommend eating there. The staff were all friendly and helpful even though they were very busy they all had a smile on their face!

And for the reason we actually came to the museum… the Bio-Med exhibition!! Em was super happy, it was going to help her for her uni course, and as she was still applying she needed the extra help and push to write an excellent personal statement.

I on the other hand was no so excited about bio-med, but I tried. I asked  her lots of questions and she loved that she had to tell me what everything was and she explained in detail… and the nice friend I am, I let her. She loved it and I was finally happy that she could enjoy her travels instead of visiting me in hospital everyday!

On the way home we stopped off to grab a hot drink cause we were both super cold! We stopped on the corner of Lonsdale Street and Spring Street at Supagrind. And I am Supa glad we got our hot chocolates from there (see what I did there!) they were really nice and one of the best hot chocolates I’d had in a long time! There is a cafe attached but we got there in the evening and they were getting ready to close up but the didn’t mine make 2 drinks for us 🙂 So I’d recommend it if your wandering Melbourne and need a drink!


J x