15. Queen Victoria Market

Who has a public holiday cause of a football game?

Australia apparently… The Aussie Rules Football match falls on a Saturday so they make the Friday before hand a public holiday. Mad right, well that is what I thought anyway!

Em and I wasn’t overly fussed about the football but we were going to watch the game tomorrow at one of James’ friends. So we wasn’t planning on making any more of a fuss out of it that what we were already doing, like going to the parade in Federation Square.

Instead we did the opposite and went to Queen Victoria Market.

The plan was to go and get a scarf of some description, that would last us the entire trip and didn’t cost a fortune. As unlike what people think, Melbourne is cold in September!

Both of us being big fans of markets were really looking forward to one of the main places to visit in Melbourne. We had done a little bit of research but didn’t really have a clue what to expect when we turned up.

It was a LOT bigger than I thought it was, everything was divided into sections, fruit and veg, meat, cheese and drinks/smoothies. Then clothes, toys, Australian souvenirs and general stalls.

Of course we hit the clothes section first and there were lots to look at, we saw lots of beautiful scarves. But we didn’t get any until we looked around the entire market looking for a good price and the right colours. I got an burgundy and cream elephant print scarf, and Emily got a white, red and black tartan one. (Both that was then used for the entire trip)

Em also got a high neck aqua/green rubbed jumper which looked so nice on her! And would actually going to keep her warm! But the guy who sold us the jumper was telling us about the coins in Australia. He said that $2 coins are smaller than the $1 as it used to cost $2 to get on the bus “back in the day” and bus drivers couldn’t carry too many $1 coins as they were heavy. So the government made them smaller so they could carry more in their pouches…. god knows if it’s true but it’s a story none the least!

Emily and I have become smoothie lovers whilst in Australia, probably because they are cheaper than most drinks, but non the less we are no converted. In the fruit and veg section of the market there was a smoothie and fruit juice place attached to one of the markets.

Em had an “Energise” which had; Orange juice, Apple juice, raspberry, strawberries, blueberries and ice! And I had “Bluechip Berry” which had; Apple juice, raspberry, strawberries, blueberries and ice.

Those were amazing!! They both tasted great! Fresh juices will always be better than bottled ones.

The Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens were on our list, so that’s where we headed next cause we had all day to kill. Cameras out and we went exploring… but not before Em wanted to have a nap on the river bank! Which was actually nice, I got to take lots of photos and watch the world go by☺



After explore Melbourne more, we headed back home and we had pizza with the family, which I really enjoyed. The family were all so lovely, we both got on them really well and I’m so glad i got to stay with them!

The next step in our travelling journey was booking flights to Tasmania!! Wooo, how exciting

J x