16. 88 floors in the sky!

Melbourne is known for its quirky cafes and coffee shops, so we thought it was about time that we visited them. With a list of famous ones in our hand we headed to the train station to see how many we could fit in, in one day.

Let The Cafe Hopping Begin!

Don’t be fooled by Brother Baba… it’s harder to spot that you think. (Well it was for us at least) not far from China town, on Little Bourke Street, this quirky little coffee shop attracted a lot of attention. I’m assuming due to the stools and chairs on the ceiling… but I’m not sure 😉 and it was very busy indeed!! I could just about get in the door, but I managed to order my drink.


Confession time: I don’t actually like coffee so visiting a coffee shop probably wasn’t the best idea.

So I order hot chocolate instead, and personally I didn’t like it, maybe only a 3/10 but for experience it was a great place to visit. I’m it being known for its coffee I imagine that the coffee was better than it’s coffee.



Not being far from China Town that’s where we both decided we would grab some lunch. I have no clue what the name of the place was, all I know is it was a Chinese restaurant. In which I had beef stir-fry and Emily had the same but with prawns not beef. It was actually really nice but I always find Chinese food quite filling so I couldn’t finish it all.


Back to the cafe hopping; and we went to another coffee shop called Seven Seeds. It’s only that I know that Brother Buba is a branch of Seven seeds.On arrival at Seven Seeds we were a bit taken back… we could not see a sign at all that showed where the cafe was. We got the right address cause I double and triple checked it. We was about to walk about the other side of the building when we noticed people coming in and out of these huge industrial metal doors…and be hold one of them had a coffee in his hand. It must of been the place. Heading inside it was actually really nice, a bit quirky but modern at the same time – almost hipster. There were wooden tables and chairs, all with little jars of brown sugar on the table. Greeted by the staff we picked a table with high stalls and both order a Latte. The first coffee of the day! But not loving coffee, sugar was my new best friend and I was spooning in it until it just tasted sweet then it was drinkable to me. For the actual opinion on the coffee, Em was the best person to ask as she actually likes Lattes, the conclusion; she liked it and would go back.


After the coffee we needed to sit down, we’d been on our feet all day so nap time it was! At least for Em, I just laid in the park watching the world go by. University Square Park was quite a small park, very peaceful though. Somewhere nice to go to get away from the busy city.


Gloria Jeans was the last coffee shop of the night and it being a chain coffee shop we thought we had to visit at least one. Although I was not overly impressed. The staff in the particular one we went to did not listen to what I order at all. A rocky road milkshake is what i asked for, what i got was a different story. A ice coffee is what i was handed, but i couldn’t be bothered to go back up, sometimes people might have just had a rough day and don’t need customers coming back to complain. BUT, the good thing was that the carrot cake was amazing! It was so nice! It was nice to be in the warmth so we just sat at a table by the window, watched the world go by and write our diaries.


After reading all of that you are probably wondering why the title is ’88 floors in the sky’ Well… here’s your answer. When we was booking some day trips we got The Eurkea Skydeck for free, but we thought scaling the 88 floors at night would be so much better than at daytime. And it was. We got the lift to the top, ears popping the entire way up but once we were at the top I did not mind so much. The views were unbelievable, im so glad we did it in the end at night. I mean im sure the views were great during the day, night time the city was just lit up, it was amazing. Everywhere I looked I was just shocked, Melbourne was just insane! Lots of photos were defiantly taken up there!




As part of the pass, we also got The Edge experience included too… okay lets just get this straight to start with. I’m not scared of that much… but there is just something about Glass Floors that just freak me right out. And what is The Edge? Oh yes a GLASS FLOOR! Wonderful.

The World’s first glass moving structure, it extends about 5m out of the building that’s nearly 300m high. Glass floors and glass walls… it didn’t really sell it for me. Of course I had no choice, I was dragging on kicking and screaming by my best friend 🙂 I mean what are friends for. Okay after I had my little moment, it was as scary but I didn’t let go of the metal bar!! It did not help that the little kid in there with his family kept telling people the glass was going to break!! NOT HELPING THE SITUATION!

After my moment in the glass box I actually really enjoyed it, the views were insane. I’d highly recommend paying and actually going up the Tower, even if your not so keen on The Edge, the tower itself was so worth it!

J x