17. The Great Ocean Road

I was looking forward to this so much! Being a photographer I had seen the photos of the amazing landscape. I could not wait.


A day trip booked through STA Travel same as the Phillip Island day trip was our last one before we headed onto the next part of our adventure. Meeting in the city really early again we knew this was going to be a long trip but one that was going to be totally worth it… well if it didn’t stop raining.


The day was quite as planned, it poured most of the day and there were high winds which meant our tour guide had to change our plans. But the main focus for me that was got to go to The Twelve Apostles… which we did!


Many people around the world might have seen images of them but never known the names of these rather large rock formations. A main tourist attraction when visiting the state of Victoria. The beautiful colours that they give off are insane, the yellows when the sun hits looks amazing. And for me that was it, being able to photograph these in all their beauty… how was I meant to do that when it was raining you might ask? Well much to my surprise they also look as beautiful in the wind and rain. The waves below them made them looking edgy and more exciting that I could have imagined.



As well as visiting The Twelve Apostles, there was other beautiful rock formations along The Shipwreck coastline such as The Wreck, where many ships and crews lost there lives… one of many reasons this part of the Great Ocean Road is known as shipwreck coastline.


Gibson Steps was the last stop of the day before we headed back to Melbourne. This was one of the places that luckily got re-opened for us to visit. Due to the high winds and the rain the steps were too dangerous the public to visit. But just as we was going home the sun came out!

These steps were meant to have been carved into the cliff by the original Kirrae Whurrong inhabitants (aboriginals) and then maintained/continued by a Mr Hugh Gibson- then being named after him. The steps themselves are uneven in size and width due to the carving, this can make them hard to climb and can be a bit of a struggle. Although they are amazing, the size of them doesn’t take away from how clever people were hundreds of years ago.


This is just a brief outline of my day on The Great Ocean Road and the photos do not do the day any justice, I suggest if you’re thinking about going you defiantly should. Yes I was disappointed that I did not see the coastline in the sunshine but I still had an amazing day!

J x