18. Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Tasmania

Even though it was the next stage of the trip, I did not want to leave at all. I felt like I had found my new home, Melbourne gave me so much freedom and I loved every minute of it! A beautiful city, one I will have to go back too for sure!!

Bags all packed and hand luggage at the door ready for us to move to the next stage of the adventure, Tasmania.

Our amazing host family said that they would take us to the airport but only after they took us out for lunch to say thank you for coming… confused right? they wanted to say thanks for staying.. more like lets us say thanks for letting us stay. We stopped off at a random cafe, somewhere hidden like most of the quirky cafes you find in Melbourne. I don’t even know its name it was that hidden! Everything was homemade or an organic produce, it was so tasty!! I had a burger… as always, I love having homemade burgers in cafes they always have a twist to them. This one was no different, a southern fried chicken and bacon with avocado burger with salad and quinoa on the side.Of course I had to try organic cola too!


Next Stop Melbourne Domestic Airport!!!

We said goodbye to our rucksacks at the self check-in section, which scared the life out of Emily as she thought she’d never see her stuff again.. but we did see it again though as expected. A breeze through security was a delight, all we had to do was sit down, relax and wait for our flight to be called. Lovely.

A 45 minute flight to Hobart was one of the shortest flight of trip, less than an hour on a plane, woooo! But I am not going to lie, it seemed a lot longer than that but it was better than the 23 hours in total it took us from the UK to Australia.

We was visiting Tas as Emily had family over there and they had said we could stay with them and explore the state they all have fallen in love with. The aim was to make sure we was there for Bella’s birthday which was the day after we arrived. I was quite excited and a little nervous to meet Emily’s family.


Waiting for us at the little airport of Hobart was Bella and Jeff, Emily’s Uncle. Em was super excited as you can expect when you have not seen your family for a few years!!

Bags were collected, although I still wasn’t allowed to pick up my bag cause of my operation so Em kindly carried mind whilst Bella carried hers.

Not really knowing much about what Tasmania looked like, I had no clue what to expect. I fell in love with it in seconds, it was like a little England. It was so green!! Not like what I imagined at all!! I was amazed. I could not stop looking out of the car window.

Immediately I felt welcomed when I arrived at the house, I felt like I’d known the family for years, in fact it felt like I was a member of their family. We were showed around the section of the house we was staying in, we had the entire basement to ourselves, we was very lucky! Becky, Emily’s Aunt had cooked dinner for us so that once we took our rucksacks to our room it was ready.

I was upset about leaving Melbourne, even a few tears rolled down my face but leaving meant that I was welcome somewhere else.

After dinner and long chats over the dinner table, Becky needed to walk the dog and asked us if we would join her. We jumped at the chance to see some more of outside. Minutes from the beach we walked along sand walking the dog.


Another evening had passed but not without chasing another sunset.

J x