19. Birthday Treats and Pancakes

My first day in Tasmania happen to be Bella’s Birthday so it was a day of celebration, one that Emily had been looking forward to for a long time. I was happy to be able to part of all of the celebrations it reminded me of being at home.

We was woken up around 7am and asked if we wanted to join in with Bella’s birthday breakfast which consisted of orange juice in champagne glasses and pancakes… so of course we was in! (plus we had a present for her too) Breakfast with the family before everyone headed to work or uni was a lot of fun, Bella opened her presents and thanked everyone and said she’d meet us all of lunch after her lecture.

In the mean time Becky and Soph wanted to show us where they lived, they took us too a really nice beach about a 10 minute drive from where the house was. Kingston Beach was a beautiful sandy beach, nothing like what they are at home. The water was so blue and clear, I was amazed. Everything was still so green around the edge of the beach, there were huge tall trees with paths leading to lookouts over the beaches. A short walk up some rather steep steps wasn’t exactly what I had planned doing that morning but once I got to the top it was worth it. Although it was quite windy so my hair was blowing about everywhere.



By the time we got back to the house to change it was time to head back out to see the birthday girl for lunch. We all piled into the car and headed back towards the city.

Ginger Brown was were we was meeting, a quirky cafe in Hobart. It had a 70’s type vibe, everything was miss matching like it had all been found in a boots sale. It was odd, most cafes everything matches, but I loved that it didn’t match. There was large over sized 70’s styled paintings on the walls and cute tables and chairs to sit at. It was so popular with everyone in the area too as it was super busy and luckily we had a table booked!



I was quite hungry by the time we got to the cafe, so I ordered a burrito bowl and Emily couldn’t decide what to have so she copied me. When they arrived we was both surprised at how big they were! And we both did very well and ate most of it, it was very filling and defiantly worth the money!!

Whilst we was at lunch Bella had mentioned to Emily and I that her and her friends were ‘Going for a swim’ we had both pulled a face but as it was her birthday we said we would come out for the fun of it… even though it was going to be freezing! However we soon found out ‘Going for a swim’ actually meant going cliff jumping! Yes I know right… especially in Tasmania, it was cold!

I was quite excited actually although i knew it was going to be cold so I wasn’t looking forward to that. But Bella had told us that her friends were quite daring when it came to things like this. Bella’s friends often jumped off cliffs in their spare time and we was shown some of their jumps, they do not do it be halves!


Tinderbox not far from Hobart was where we was headed to, the boys had all the kit including spare wet suits for Emily and I. Something that I was defiantly going to need!


I was given two wet suits as everyone told me I was tiny and more likely to get really cold in the water. As you can see in the photo above how fetching wet suits really are…


Em and I was both a little to scared to be jumping from this height… we only jumped off a tiny little rock but everyone else jumped off the big cliffs in the photo above.

In the evening for Bella’s birthday, she invited Emily and I out with her friends to a Dessert Cafe. We met Bella at the Honey Badger in Salamanca Square. It was a really cute cafe that was so lively and was such a great evening with new people.

2016-10-07 21.50.332016-10-07 22.01.56

I had a Green Apple & Kiwi popping soda… and honestly it was amazing!! I’ve not had a drink that tasted as good as that (plus it looked really cool when it turned up, Bonus!)

And for the dessert itself I had ‘Banoffee’ which was crushed banana, with toffee sauce and nuts served with ice cream. It was really nice too, although it wasn’t very big for me. But if you’re a person who does not eat big portions this is for you!

This is the is current/most recent menu:


It was such a nice day, spending time with Emily’s family and Bella’s friends, Hobart was so amazing and I couldn’t wait to explore it more!

J x