“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware” – Martin Buber

I know what your thinking… who am I?  Well here is your answer!

Hey i’m Josie, i’m British, an aspiring photographer and this here is my little blog (kind of like me then). So far its just to keep track of my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, but hopefully there will be more of Those Adventures to come in the future.

I think travelling is something that everyone should experience, meeting new friends that live half way across the world makes everything sound more interesting! Plus it means there’s always a house to crash if you need it!

You will never know unless you try it!

I’ve tried it and now I have the travel bug!

All photos are taken by myself unless stated otherwise. Please have a look at my photos on PhotoCrowd-www.photocrowd.com/josieskinner