My Bucket List 🌍

“Fear Is Temporary, Achievement Is Permanent”

– Back of my Skydive Taupo T- Shirt 

Visit every county in the world

Stay in London

Do one skydive

Skydive in every continent

Do the all the AJ Hackett bungys in NZ

Walk to the Great Wall of China

Visit North Korea

Learn to ski/snowboard

Climb to the base of Mt Everest

Do the 3 peaks in the UK

Stay in Brighton, UK

Do the Inca Trail

Visit as many of the 7 wonders of the ancient, modern and natural world

Volunteer in Romania

Hike table mountain in Cape Town, SA

Learn how to use chopsticks

Drive Route 66 on a motorbike

Drive Route 66 in a car/camper

Learn how to abseil by myself

Get all my driving licenses

Learn out to drive a fork lift truck

Run the London Marathon

Run the Boston Marathon

Visit Ground Zone, NYC

Go to the CN Tower in Toronto

Go to the Terracotta Army in China

Go to Iguanza falls- South America

Go to all the Hard Rock Cafés in the world

Catch a wave surfing 

Get a tattoo 

Indoor skydive

Go cliff jumping 

Go Paragliding

Ride in a hot air balloon

Swim with sharks

Swim with dolphins

Swim with turtles 

Scuba diving 

Whale watching 

Visit natural hot springs 

Visit a tea plantation in Asia

Drink at an ice bar

Fly first class

Go on a cruise

Be upgraded on a plane

Learn another language

Visit the black sand beach in Iceland

Island Hopping in Fiji

Visit the Taj-Mahal

Visit the Vatican City

Go deep sea fishing

Climb a mountain for sunset

Do the East Coast of Australia 

Travel New Zealand 

Get a job in the travel industry