14. Melbourne Museuem 

We finally made it!! After a week of me being on hospital, I was finally able to take Em to the Museum! And she was as excited as a little kid on Christmas! Turning up outside, the museum was a lot bigger than I expected. This huge glass structure lined one side of the park … Continue reading 14. Melbourne Museuem 


13. The Coin Laundry Cafe

Yes that really is its name... weird right! http://coinlaundrycafe.com.au/ A cute little cafe found in the one of the suburbs of Melbourne is definitely worth a visit! Just minutes from Armadale train station, this cafe is bursting with life... meaning it is hard to get a table during peak times! Although lucky for me, Emily's … Continue reading 13. The Coin Laundry Cafe

12. Dig to China 

A nice easy day after our Phillip Island day trip. Gaby's grandson was turning 2 so she wanted to go and visit him and daughter, we got invited by her and Nikki so we went along. It was a nice drive to Nikkis, she lived just out of Melbourne in another suburb. Which in fact … Continue reading 12. Dig to China 

11. Phillip Island Day Trip 

Meeting in Melbourne CBD at 7:15am wasn't the best start to the day, but for the trip we had planned it was going to be great! We were on a our way to see the smallest penguins in the world, how exciting!  Our tour took us to a variety of different places on Phillip Island … Continue reading 11. Phillip Island Day Trip 

10. Merrijig 

After surgery I thought I'd gradually recover. I headed for a 3 hour car journey into the middle of nowhere and jumped on a quad bike, (sorry mum). I mean I was relaxing, I had the mountains on one side and a farm on the other. I also just had 3 friends encouraging my to … Continue reading 10. Merrijig 

9. A week in hospital 

I won't bore you all with a day by day hospital round up, so I'll just squish it al into one post. To start with my operation went well, no more appendicitis for me! I was in pain for most of the week but I refused to take pain relief cause didn't want to rely on … Continue reading 9. A week in hospital 

8. Wanted: Appendix, Reward if found 

It's safe to say my first over night stay in hospital was a solid 1 out of 10. 2am people moving around, 3am medication, 4am toilet stop, 5am nurses making sure you're okay, 6am just can't sleep cause of pain and 7am breakfast. I really didn't enjoy that. No thank you.  Being attached to a … Continue reading 8. Wanted: Appendix, Reward if found